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Inclusion is intentional. It is about identifying and removing barriers so that everyone can participate to the best of their ability.

Building Bridges for Inclusive Economies.

Our Services

SET Africa (Social-Economic Transformation for Africa) is the first non-governmental organization with registration no. ooNGO/R/3669 dedicated to promote  social-economic rights of women, youth, refugees and people with disabilities towards prosperity for all. For every dollar invested fuels our work to close living standards, income and wealth gaps by strategically applying business solutions in resolving hardly pressing global development challenges.

Decent Employment Promotion

Many people people are currently unemployed, underemployed or working in informal employment. SET Africa design, influence and implement programs that accelerate productive employment and decent work for all.

Inclusive Social Protection

At SET Africa we advocate for investment in inclusive social protection that leaves no one behind including those living in poverty, or who are vulnerable to falling into poverty.

Women, Youth, PwD and Refugees Rights

We are committed to champion the women, youth, PwD and Refugees rights in the society of high levels of social, economic and environmental injustice putting the mentioned groups in disadvantage.

Climate Change Adoptation for Resilience

In supporting SDG no. 13 SET Africa embark on projects that work to protect families, economies, and the environment in which we live from the impacts of climate change and foster for resilience.

Research, Innovation & Digital Solutions

There is no doubt that innovation and digital technologies are spawning ongoing innovation across most if not all sectors of the economy and society. SET Africa use research based innovations to disrupting traditional markets

Gender Lens Local Content Technical Assistance

SET Africa work with corporations and mega projects to design and apply a gender lens supply value chain that integrate that embrace supplier diversity. We partner businesses in implementing strategic suppliers capacity building programs for prosperity for all.

Democracy, Governance and Leadership

Competent Leadership and governance are key ingredients to economic and political success of a nation. We run series of programs to develop a new crop of leaders that use their voices and talents to provide solutions to development challenges.

Gender Equality, Women Empowerment & Youth Development

Half of the world is women yet the wolrd is home to the largest generation of youth in history with 1.8 billion worldwide. Our aim is to contribute to improving the livelihood of young people and women through the development of economic opportunities.

Health Promotion & Diseases Prevention

Strong Health System is a center for nation's development. SET Africa partner with other stakeholders in building and  promote equitable access to health services.Our interest is on integrated services and access, community outreach, workforce development, diseases prevention, and supply chain. 

Our Services

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