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The problem

Women in developing countries as considered a “powerful untapped economic force”. The majority of informal workforce are women hence this fact has major implications for human welfare and well-being. The current constraints women face, from the private sphere of the household to the public sphere of politics, are a major detriment to the continent’s economic development and inclusive growth process. The challenge we all have is to create decent work for all. In Tanzania for example most women are employed in tailoring subsector as a way for them to earn their bread and those who are depending on them. Regardless the role they play in fighting poverty, women in this subsector are characterized with informality, small, low growth, and low profit hence a need for an innovative strategy in incorporating these women into global value chain for them to enjoy business opportunities offered by economic value chains in the formal sector.


Our solution

Social -Economic Transformation Bureau for Africa through WOTE 1000 (1000 Women Tailors Empowered) project is working to integrate 1000 women tailors in the next five years into the global value chain by providing them with technical support, safe working space, access to gender-sensitive loan products, insurance services and connect them with markets for their products.

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